In 1988, a small act of betraying determined the fate of the Slovenia nation, and all four defenders were arrested and pushed behind bars; and this political affair is known as the Ljubljana trail or JBTZ TRAIL or JBTZ affair or trail against the four. This political trail was held in the court of the military, which later became a part of Yugoslavia.

The JBTZ Beatles were arrested for printing military secrets and leaking them among the people of Slovenia. Trail against the four includes Franci zavrl, Janez Jansa, David tasic, and Ivan borstner. Moreover, they were pushed behind bars by the Slovenian military for a period ranging from six months to four years.

The trail begins, and during the years of trial, it results in the formation of the liberal democratic republic, which changed the history of Slovenia nation. Moreover, it was just the beginning of the Slovenia spring. Though at the time of Slovenia spring, several parties took part in the election, and it includes various prominent political personalities, which become part of this democratic system of Slovenia nation.

The Ljubljana Trail

Yugoslav people’s army stopped the circulation of mladina magazine in Slovenia’s street because the editor of this famous magazine Franci Zavrl and other associates began to print crucial information regarding the military database, which was against the Yugoslav people’s army. Get more Interesting details about jbtz trial on

Moreover, the Yugoslav people’s army began to think about taking over the Slovenia nation, but the Ljubljana trail made Slovenian people thought about the independent nation. Thus, it results in the formation of a committee of defense for human rights, which collects over 100k consent of people to remove every accusation against all four people. Most people were getting in favor of these people because they showed a way to change Slovenia’s fate and fight democracy.