In the Kraff Eye Institute of Chicago has been receiving the baby boomers as patients in their institute, you know why? And another point is who the baby boomers are? It is really surprising while knowing the facts, the baby boomers are the people who were born during World War II (1946-1964). Nearly 76 million American was born during the time. While comparing to the older boomers (who were born after World War II), the baby boomers prefer for the hyperopic and also the refractive lens exchanges in the institute. 

The data of Baby boomers in the institute:

The International Medical Advisory Board of Optical Express has declared the data of Kraff Eye Institute. Dr. Kraff is the MD of such an institute and he is one of the members of such board. He has given the data that their doctors were doing their practices mostly with the baby boomers. Nearly 30% of patients are baby boomers and they prefer refractive procedures, 49 years of people preferring high hyperopia treatment, and 53 years of people for moderate or low hyperopia treatments. And mostly 61 years of people prefer refractive surgeries. In the cataract surgery section the age group of 34 years for low myopia, 39 years of people for mixed astigmatism, and 36 years of old people for high myopia. Get more interesting details about kraff eye institute on kraffeye.

The baby boomers were looks for the cataract, refractive corrections, and also the higher hyperopia and lower myopia and all these lead them to do the refractive lens exchanges. They are doing everything in a well-determined way with highly elevated equipment with professionals. The most common issue after the operations of patients is lamellar keratitis which is in the grade ½ level of diffuse and dry eye. And some other issues are like glare and halos, regression, near-vision problems, transient light sensitivity, and so on.