It is no longer uncommon to see people who dress like they are worshipping the dark side. We can see younger ones and even the middle age class wears their dark outfits and looks great on it. This unique style is called the gothic fashion. This fashion style is associated with something dark and morbid. People who are into this style would wear anything black like black lipstick, super black eyeliner, black fabric, and even black shoes. It may look scary for most people but the root of this type of fashion is actually historical. If you want to know more about gothic clothing, you can find its details on

When it started

This type of fashion style actually blossomed during the late medieval era. You can see the resemblance of the new fashion designs from the time of Victorians and Elizabethans. Different designs were influenced by the evolution of both Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. You can also trace some styles from the 12th century following the culture of France during that time and up until the 16th century. According to some historian, the root of this fashion may be found in the Victorian cult of mourning.

The present Gothic clothing

Now that we are living in the modern era, we can recognize the Gothic fashion by its black trademark including hair and makeup. You can find black shirts with different morbid and occult designs. Different accessories like stovepipe hats, leather garments, and dog collars are part of this trendy fashion. There are now many shops that sell exclusive gothic fashion items and you will be amazed on how trendy their designs are. You can even check different online shops and order the items you like to try on. If you are someone who has a normal and usual fashion sense, you may try to change a bit and include Gothic style clothing on your shopping list.