Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular procedures when you talk about removing excess fats in the body and achieving the desired body curves.  While it makes you really sexy and curvy, it also gives your body a lighter weight which helps you to move easily and perform well your daily activities. 

The traditional liposuction is known to be painful, leaving your body some bruises caused by the tubes being inserted to your skin.  However painful is the procedure, there are still people who have the courage to undergo such procedure.  But today, liposuction procedure is made painless and is being enjoyed by a lot of people.

Strawberry Laser Machine

The technology is improving almost everyday.  What is being invented in the past has been upgraded, giving people a more convenient way of using it.  technology in cosmetics is also upgrading.  Just like liposuction procedure which is now undoubtedly a painless procedure.  Yes, this may sound impossible but many are actually enjoying the process.

Instead of inserting tubes that sucks fats in the body, the strawberry laser uses pads.  These pads are cold laser beams emitted in the skin and eventually to the fatty layer.  It then targets the fatty tissues by creating pores as intracellular content is being released. is great source to know more about lipo laser machine.

The procedure is totally painless and does not affect the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, nerves and the skin, preventing them from damages.  That is why, there’s no any pain felt by the patient. So, rather than leaving the skin loose just like traditional liposuction, laser strawberry helps the skin become tighter.  The skin looks great after every procedure without any bruise and scars.

Moreover, the painless procedure of laser strawberry encourages everyone to try the procedure especially those who are in need to lose fats for health reasons.  It won’t give any scary impression and more people are encouraged to try because it’s painless.