Exchange of rings is prominent now. But this is not a new age activity. Millennials have found several occasions to wear rings. Earlier couples used to exchange rings. It was considered as a traditional activity. Mainly this activity used to take place before marriage. Also, in some tribes wearing rings on the day of the wedding is sacred. Since then, Couple rings are said to be essential. It is given much importance today. Rings are a symbol of love and commitment. Couples make promises while exchanging it. It also gives them social validation. This ritual is still practised widely.

Different types of rings for couples

Couples take this activity very seriously. Moreover, changing rings makes their relationship stronger. There are different kinds of Couple Rings. These rings usually look similar to each other. 

  • Symbolic rings

These rings are well designed. Symbolic rings are often used to commit in a relationship. Mostly it is made up of silver and platinum.

  • Gold rings

It is the traditional set of rings. Earlier, these gold rings were primarily used for marriages and engagements. 

  • Silver rings

Silver pieces of jewellery look classy. People who prefer light pieces of jewellery always go for silver rings. In fact, silver is considered sacred. Get more interesting details about couple rings on

  • Platinum rings

Platinum rings are a safer option. However, it gives a classy and magnificent look. Platinum rings are usually delicate. If you like thin jewellers platinum is a correct choice for you. Men prefer platinum rings.

  • Diamond rings

Diamonds will never fail to win hearts. What is more exciting than diamonds? They are never out of fashion.


We recommend you before you buy a ring. Be considerate about the preferences. Rings are a lifetime investment. Make it unique for your mate. Gift them the best ring on a significant day. We hope this article was helpful.