We all know that fruits are rich in nutrients that are needed for healthy body and immune system.  Along with vegetables, fruits are encouraged to be taken not just by those with illnesses but for ordinary people to keep them healthy and strong.  Fresh fruits are the ones recommended.  Aside from the good taste, fresh fruits are richer in nutrients thus it should be taken by everyone.

If you are around Singapore, you can buy fruits atgrocery stores and fruits stands.  Fruits in Singapore are exceptionally great.  So, whenever you visit such country, do not just be amazed by the wonderful tourist spots but be delighted as well by foodies including fresh fruits in the country.

Fruits in Singapore you should not miss


Your trip to the beautiful city of Singapore would not be complete without trying durian.  Durian could look strange but as you taste it, it tastes like heaven.  Actually, some do not want the smelly food at first, but when once tried its taste, you can no longer resist to take another bite.  Durian is actually famous in Southeast Asia and the best tastes are in Singapore. You can find more details on best fruits delivery on the site cooldesac.com.sg.


Lychee is found in most Asian countries but Singapore is blessed with its abundance.  You can find lychee everywhere, malls, grocery stores, and even hawkers.  It’s also one of the main ingredients for delicious desserts such as cakes, salads, and even beverages.

Chiku (Chico)

Alright, this might look unattractive, but Chiku is actually one of the best fruits to be found in Singapore.  The brown color may usually get your attention, but once you tasted it, the sweetness of chiku wouldn’t leave your mouth easily which make you crave more for such fruit.  It’s also very affordable and is available for all seasons.  You can include them in one of your list of foodies to taste in Singapore.